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You should not overload the machine tray because it can cause multifeeding and/or misfeeding problems. Please also check that the feeding rolls are clean and in good condition.

Please adapt the ink/toner consumption to the paper you are using. With Inacopia high quality paper you might be able to reduce the ink/toner consumption without decreasing the printing quality.

The paper shouldn’t be left in the machine trays during the weekend. During the weekend significant changes may occur to the atmospheric conditions (e.g. air conditioned not working) and paper will not be protected in the machine trays.

When paper is stored outside the office/print room, it should be given a period of time to acclimatise before being used. This period should be proportional to the difference in storage and usage conditions.

Paper should only be unwrapped just before being fed to the machine to avoid being exposed to significant temperature and/or humidity level changes. Paper will change its behaviour if subjected to extreme temperature and/or humidity conditions.

The print/copy room conditions interfere with the paper performance in your machines. The room shouldn’t be subject to sudden variations of temperature and should be kept between 18 to 24ºC with a relative humidity between 30% and 45%.

You should fan the paper thoroughly before feeding the machine in order to prevent printer contamination by removing any dust or shavings from edges. This way you will be minimizing misfeeds, multifeeds or skewed sheets and improving runnability.

Never use sharp instruments to open a ream. Even minor damage to the paper can interfere with the performance inside the machine, causing paper jams, not to mention compromising the final result of the printed job.


Remember this tree’s name:

Eucalyptus globulus

Inacopia was the 1st European Office Paper to be produced from Eucalyptus globulus pulp, and is today a well established brand with a reputation for high quality standards.